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I am loving Detox Stix! They seriously taste so good and are a great way to start my mornings. I feel like they definitely help me give energy for the day and motivate me to make better eating choices throughout the day as well!

Alexi Copley

I’m so happy that I saw a post on Instagram from Tranzend, I found my new favorite brand! I checked out their website to see what they are all about and I was super impressed with how much health information they offer. There’s free ebooks and recipes and their blog is awesome. It looks like a really authentic company so I decided to try their products, and I’m blown away with the quality and strength of these supplements! The anti stress product is already working for me, I feel happier and more relaxed than ever, and I’ve only been taking it for a week. I look forward to seeing what will happen after the first bottle.”


I decided to review these products and give Tranzend a well deserved 5 star review because I’m sincerely impressed. I’ve been taking Cortizen and Detox sticks for about 2 weeks only, and I already feel the benefits in my sleep, my mood has improved, and my joint pain is gone. I’ll never buy cheap supplements again. Tranzend is the best brand that I’ve ever tried for reducing inflammation and stress. I hope they keep making more products!

Rob Riches

I highly recommend this product and this company. This company’s products are backed by scientific research, kind to the environment and to animals and great for YOU. I am CONFIDENT you will be as happy with the Tranzend product line as I am.


Very cool company, great products that work exactly as they say, and really amazing health and fitness information. It seems that Trazend is a new company, and they are really doing it right. Super quality supplements and you can tell this company knows their stuff. I’ve only been using their two supplements for a few days but I can already feel the benefits. Already looking forward to my next order.

Bradley Hayes

I’ve tried so many different health supplements over the past decade, and I have to say that I’ve never seen a brand with as perfect of a formula as Tranzend. Their Detox product tastes amazing and it makes me love drinking water, and within a few days my body felt better and i definitely noticed that i was losing weight. And my cheeks are less puffy, so that’s great. Cortizen is an exciting supplement for me because I know that I have too much stress in my life, and sleep is usually a BIG problem for me. It’s been one week on cortizen and I fall asleep and stay asleep better than I can ever remember, and I feel alert and totally sharp all day. I can’t say enough about Tranzend’s products, i’m really impressed.


It’s truly a miracle how well Detox Stix and CortiZen have worked at clearing up my skin and improving my complexion. I’ve tried almost everything to help my skin look healthier, from prescription medication to the most expensive creams, and nothing has worked as well as Detox Stix. Taking CortiZen helps me feel relaxed and I have so much less stress, it’s amazing to find natural products that really work! In only four weeks, my skin looks and feels better than it’s ever been, and I feel healthier than I can ever remember.

Kate Townsend

They totally nailed it with Detox Stix.  Detox Stix is the first internal health drink that actually tastes amazing, and being a nutritionist, I know the difference between a “want to be healthy” product, and a truly amazing health product, and Detox Stix are truly amazing in every way, and are so healthy that I am proud to recommend them to all my clients. We all know that starting the day with water and lemon is one of the best ways to boost your health with a simple drink, and Tranzend really took that to the next level with Detox Stix. 

I love Detox Stix. Every morning I enjoy one with a bottle of water and then every afternoon I treat myself to another one in a bottle of coconut water, the perfect afternoon pick me up! Love that it is plant based and not gritty.

Corey Mosier

I’m reviewing tranzend because they totally surprised me with their products. My first thought when I saw these online was that they looked pretty, but I like to do my research first, and I’m glad I did, because I got to find out that tranzend is a really cool company! They have great blogs that are helpful, funny, and motivating, and their ebook is great too. Some of their recipes are not so interesting to me (I’m vegan) but the rest of their nutrition information is great, and there’s plenty of recipes for Gluten Free diets (I’m also Celiac) About the products, I can’t say which one works best because I use both every day, but all I can say is that since taking them, I feel amazing. My skin is better, my sleep is better, and I have more energy. What more could you ask for!

Carla Boyle

I have to say, Cortizen is the best natural sleep product I have ever used (and I’ve used many). My friend recommended it to me, but he’s an athlete and is using it for his knee issues, which he says are completely gone since taking cortizen, and he mentioned that it made him sleep better than ever, so I thought i’d give it a try. I’m so happy that I did! It’s really amazing. If you have trouble falling asleep, or if you usually wake up feel tired and foggy in the morning, cortizen can completely take care of that. At least, it did for me. Highly recommended.

Chris Dunworth

I suffer from anxiety and have used medication for years, including Xanax (daytime) and Zolpiclone for sleep. I’ve tried so many different natural products that claim to help reduce stress and anxiety, and I’ve wasted hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars on products that don’t work. Since finishing my first bottle of Cortizen, I am totally a believer that natural supplements can actually work for people like me. I completely stopped taking my sleeping meds, and I take 1/2 the Xanax that I used to, and I feel more sharp, better energy and mood, and I’m happier when I take less of the drugs and more cortizen. It’s really amazing stuff. If you have anxiety or sleep issues, Cortizen is a product for you.


I started taking it two days ago and slept through the night both times, plus this morning, instead of waking up at 4 am and not being able to fall back asleep, I was able to sleep until the alarm went off.


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