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Detox Stix™

You don’t have to be a smoker or a heavy drinker to have a toxic system.

Unfortunately, in these modern times, our bodies are exposed to toxins at a rate that is greater than our body’s natural ability to eliminate them. Not only that, but daily lifestyle issues such as high-­stress, poor sleep quality, and even consuming too much sugar and processed foods can all contribute to an increased toxic load. This leads to stressed organs, digestive issues, and an imbalanced internal system.

Thankfully, a nature-approved sustainable detoxification plan exists: Introducing Tranzend’s Detox Stix.

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Olympic Certified Potency & Purity

Detox Stix contain no artificial ingredients or synthetic preservatives, or added sugar. Our formula is vegan-friendly, certified gluten-free, and Olympic Standards Certified to contain no traces of banned substances, contaminates, or heavy metals.

We are proud to share with you our Olympic Standards Certified laboratory analysis, where we achieved a perfect 100% potency and 100% ++ score. This means that what you see on our nutritional label is exactly what is inside our products- in fact, our products are slightly more potent than advertised, as you will see in the lab results below.

Detox Stix Smoothies Recipes

For more information on the benefits of Detox Stix, check out “OUR FORMULAS”.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I take my Detox Stix?

It’s simple! We suggest that you have a serving of Detox Stix each morning, or anytime in between meals. For optimal effects, take 1-2 Detox Stix servings per day. We suggest adding 1 sachet to about 10oz (300ml) of water.

*Add less or more water according to your preference for a light taste or more concentrated taste.

How do I mix my Detox Stix drink?

Most people enjoy their Detox Stix by adding the powder into their bottle of water. Just screw the cap on tight, and shake! Detox Stix can also be stirred into a glass of water with a spoon (ideally not metal), or mixed in a shaker cup, or blended with ice!

What does Detox Stix taste like?

Detox Stix have a light, refreshing citrus taste when added with water. They make a great addition to fruit smoothies, ginger, lemon, or herbal teas, and they taste amazing with soda water!

How long can I take Detox Stix for?

There is no maximum time for taking Detox Stix. Just like any healthy food, consistency leads to the best results, and Detox Stix is ideal to take as long as you wish. When taken daily, Detox Stix increases organ health and metabolic functions, and these benefits continue to improve and provide a healthier system for your long-term wellbeing.

When should I notice results?

As soon as the first few doses, you will notice reduced water retention, less bloating, and more energy. With consistent use over weeks and months, and more, you will notice improved daytime energy levels, a faster metabolism with accelerated weight loss, and improved skin condition!

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