Let’s face it; we’re more stressed than we want to be.  From living in a high-pressure society, lifestyle challenges start to pile up, and unhealthy habits begin to develop. Un-beneficial nutrition choices, poor sleep quality, and spending too much time sitting indoors and not enough time being active outdoors… it’s not surprising that many of us suffer from stress related health issues and damaging levels of inflammation.

This is why we created CortiZen.

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Olympic Certified Potency & Purity

CortiZen contains no artificial ingredients or additives, and is certified free of banned substances, contaminates, and heavy metals using the most strict Olympic Standards Analysis.

We are proud to share with you our Certified Laboratory Analysis, where we achieved a perfect 100% purity and 100% ++ potency score. This means that what you see on our bottle’s label is exactly what is inside the product – and a little extra.

For more information on the benefits of CortiZen, check out OUR FORMULAS.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the recommended dose?

CortiZen is a powerful formula and the recommended dose is 3 capsules.

Many of our clients take 2 capsules daily and report the full benefits and get amazing results, and some of our professional athletes take up to 4 capsules daily. You cannot overdose with CortiZen.

When do I take CortiZen?

There is no wrong time to take CortiZen. You will experience all of the benefits regardless of when you take your dose. However, since CortiZen is so effective at calming the mind, if you have issues with sleeping, we recommend that your dose about an hour before your bedtime to promote improved quality of sleep.

How long can I take CortiZen for?

You can take CortiZen as long as you wish, there is no maximum time, and you will not build up a tolerance to it. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, CortiZen does not de-sensitize your system to the active ingredients, meaning that you can continue taking it and enjoying sustainable health benefits as long as you feel the need. Many of our athletes have been taking CortiZen daily for almost 2 years, and report increasingly positive benefits with extended use.

When should I notice results?

Most people start to notice the benefits of CortiZen after the first few doses, especially with enhanced quality of sleep. For reduced anxiety and stress, you can expect to enjoy results in the first week of daily use.For fat loss and belly fat reduction, results typically take about 2 weeks to begin, as your body first needs to adapt to the reduced stress that CortiZen provides. Once CortiZen has restored your body to a more healthy cortisol balance, you will begin to burn fat more efficiently.

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